Drawing the Lines. Also, Voting Rights and the Boogeyman of Voter Fraud.

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Drawing the Lines.

In order to help end the practice of politicians choosing their voters not voters choosing their politicians, California voters created a Citizen Redistricting Commission to ensure fair representation for those traditionally left out. This year, the commissioners are encouraging citizens to participate in the redrawing of district boundaries and provide input on how they define their community of interest. A member of the commission discusses how citizens can give input to draw the new political maps.

Guest: Commissioner Patricia Sinay, 2020 California’s Citizen Redistricting Commission, Encinitas, CA

Voting Rights and the Boogeyman of Voter Fraud.

State lawmakers in 17 states have set a new record for laws that restrict ballot access. Georgia is facing eight lawsuits, including one from the Department of Justice, challenging the new voting law. The pleintiffs allege Republican leaders seek to deny Black and Latino voters equal access to the ballot.

Guest: Jerry González, Executive Director, Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials – GALEO, Atlanta, GA.

Energy Secretary on Latinos at Risk of Wildfires.

Latinos are twice as likely to live in areas that are at highest risk of wildfire. To deal with this, President Biden is dedicating 40% of his infrastructure package to invest in communities that are disproportionaly affected by climate change, invest in affordable housing and create millions of good paying jobs in the solar and wind industries and energy efficiency, sectors where Latino workers are very active. This issue is part of a conversation with Energy Secretary Jennifer Grandholm. An advance segment is aired in this edition.

Guest: Energy Secretary Jennifer Grandholm, US Department of Energy, Washington, DC.

Photo: wedrawthelinesca.org

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