“Godfather of the Latino Movement.” Also, The Presidential Transition.

Wednesday_673x324WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 18
PROGRAM #9091 12:00 PM PST

“Godfather of the Latino Movement.”

Latinos in California have become a formidable political force to be reckoned with. And a little known civil rights pioneer helped pave the way. Mario Obledo, considered the “Godfather of the Latino Movement,” fought for the civil rights of Latinos and co-founded a number of social-change organizations, including MALDEF, the National Hispanic Bar Association and the South West Voter Registration Project. Obledo was honored in 1998 with the nation’s highest award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Ten years after his death, civic leaders push for public recognition of his legacy and reflect on his impact in current historic events.

Guest: José Villarreal, Former Mayor of the City of Sanger, Former Public Defender for Fresno County and Santa Clara County, Fresno, CA.

The Presidential Transition. Joe Biden is stepping up his presidential transition plans amid Trump’s refusal to concede, legal challenges to Biden’s electoral victory and actions to block the transition process. This is a report on the latest news and the building of the new cabinet.

Guests: Jose Lopez Zamorano, Reporter, Washington, DC; Helena Olea, Human Rights Senior Advisor, Alianza America, Chicago, IL

Photo: maldef.org

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