The Uprooted.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, APRIL 8
PROGRAM # 8580 12:00 PM PT

The Uprooted.

In San Francisco, a historically Latino neighborhood known as “the heart of the city” is rapidly becoming a “hotbed of displacement.” In the Mission District, long-time families and businesses are being displaced from their home and community. In this program, the first edition in a special series, displaced residents tell the story about their exodus to more affordable areas while others talk about how they are struggling to stay. A counselor for the evicted gives a historical overview about the modern wave of displacements, shares practical tips for people at risk of being evicted, and talks about his own story as a newly-displaced from the city.

Guests: Julio García, Community Counselor and Organizer, Causa Justa, San Francisco, CA; Brenda Oliva, Former Neighbor of The Mission Now Living in Oakland, San Francisco, CA; Opinions from Pedestrians in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Photo: Causa Justa Just Cause/Facebook

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