Línea Abierta: a 29 años.

PROGRAM #10292 12:00 PM PT

Línea Abierta at 29. Línea Abierta, Radio Bilingüe’s flagship news program, premiered in the 1990s as the first program of its kind in the US public radio system. 29 years later this week, the program continues serving audiences around the nation, filling the gap as the only call-in talk show in Spanish in the nation’s public airwaves. What was the original vision? How to define its brand of journalism? How has it managed to survive and grow at a time when newsrooms are vanishing across the country? What are the challenges ahead? In this anniversary program, we hear testimonies from program hosts and listeners.

Guests: Chelis López, San Francisco, CA; Citlali Sáenz, Mexico City, MX; Gerardo Guzmán, Atlanta, GA; Samuel Orozco, Fresno, CA.

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