Latinos on Criminal Justice. Also, Tackling Racial Bias in Policing.

Thursday_673x324THURSDAY, JANUARY 11
PROGRAM # 8241 12:00 PM PT

Latinos on Criminal Justice.

National Latino leaders release the results of a new public opinion survey among Latinos on the issue of criminal justice reform. Several Latino groups are becoming major players in the national debate on issues of crime and punishment. Is it time for major reform? Are Latinos engaged? How safe they feel around police? How safe they feel after Trump’s election? What do they think about marijuana laws? And about the vote for the formerly incarcerated?

Guests: Juan Cartagena, President and General Counsel, LatinoJustice – PRLDEF, New York, NY; Eunisses Hernandez, Policy Coordinator, Drug Project Alliance, Los Angeles, CA

Tackling Racial Bias in Policing. A state commission in California published its first statewide report on the status of racial and identity profiling in law enforcement. The board, which includes leaders in law enforcement, civil and human rights and academia, also released policy recommendations to prevent bias and profiling.

Guest: Andrea Guerrero, Member, Racial and Identity Profiling Advisory Board, Executive Director, Alliance San Diego, San Diego, CA.


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