The Three Hours Under the Microscope. Arizona Republican Primary. Democratic Governor’s Race in Arizona.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, JULY 25
PROGRAM # 9693 12:00 PM PT

The Three Hours Under the Microscope.

During its eighth hearing, the House Jan. 6 committee heard testimonies from insiders in Trump’s White House. The panel focused on how Trump did nothing for more than three hours, as he watched his followers storm the US Capitol. This is a report on the highlights of the final hearing.

Guest: José López Zamorano, Political Reporter, Washington, DC.

Arizona Republican Primary. Former Vice President Pence endorsed a rival to Trump-endorsed candidate in the Arizona race for governor. A news analyst comments on the Republican battles in the aftermath of the dispute over overturning the results of the presidential election in Arizona.

Guest: Elvia Díaz, Editor, The Arizona Republic, Phoenix, AZ.

Democratic Governor’s Race in Arizona. Marco López faces an uphill battle against front-runner Katie Hobbs to get the Democratic nomination for the gubernatorial election in Arizona. With a large segment of the electorate undecided, things could change before the Aug. 2 election. Both candidates have been invited to talk about their plans for education, health care, immigration, and climate change.

Guests: Marco López, Former Mayor of Nogales and Chief of Staff for the Customs and Border Protection agency, Phoenix, AZ; Katie Hobbs, Arizona Secretary of State, Phoenix, AZ (TBC.)

Photo: January 6 Committee via facebook

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