Los Angeles Riots: Then and Now.

Wednesday_673x324WEDNESDAY, MAY 17
PROGRAM # 8068 12:00 PM PST.

Los Angeles Riots: Then and Now.

25 years after South Los Angeles was ravaged by civil violence following a non-guilty verdict in an infamous case of police brutality, leaders representing Latino, African-American and Korean groups discuss the current state of police-community relations and racial tensions. The police force in Los Angeles has become more diverse but have their practices changed? Panelists also discuss the progress in areas such as social investment, and the attitude towards immigrants. This is a repeat of the second and final hour of a panel co-produced by Radio Bilingüe and aired from the studios of KPFK, Pacifica Radio, in Los Angeles on the day of the anniversary.

Guests: Manuel Criollo, Director of Organizing, Labor/Community Strategy Center, Los Angeles, CA; Aurea Montes-Rodriguez, Executive Vice President, Community Coalition; Yongo Kim, Korean Resource Center; Scarlett Villacorta, Representative, Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance; Jorge Gonzalez, Civil Rights Attorney, National Lawyers Guild/Mexican American Political Association; Reina Villatoro, Community Worker, Community Coalition; Abraham Torres, Photographer and Eyewitness; Alex Sánchez, Executive Director, Homies Unidos, Los Angeles, CA.

Photo: kcet.org

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