The Battle for Congress.

Wednesday_673x324WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 10
PROGRAM # 8443 12:00 PM PT

The Battle for Congress.

The battle for control of Congress is heating up in what is seen as the first referendum on Trump’s two years in the White House. California, with seven competitive districts held by Republicans, is ground zero in the fight. Listeners call in to suggest questions or issues to ask congressional candidates in the midterm elections, including funds for ESL student education, the contamination of drinking water, and harassment by police against Latinos. Also, California state senator Ricardo Lara gives an overview on laws spearheaded by him and recently signed by Gov. Brown, including one legalizing sidewalk vendors, another one banning hotels and bus companies from turning in personal records of their guests or passengers, and one more that provides incentives to low-income people to buy and drive zero-emission vehicles, like electric cars.

Guest: Sen. Ricardo Lara, Democrat, Bell Gardens, Los Angeles, CA; Listeners from Fresno, Bakersfield, Cantúa Creek and San Diego.


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