Youth Join Forces Against Gun Violence. Also, Sessions Sues California on Sanctuary Policies. Also, Texas Primaries and Trump Effect.

Wednesday_673x324WEDNESDAY, MARCH 7
PROGRAM # 8280 12:00 PM PT

Youth Join Forces Against Gun Violence.

Immigrant youth, some of them hit by violence and hatred, join forces with the survivors of the mass shooting in Stoneman Douglas High School and they will be joining the protests and student walkouts, taking on the powerful lobby of gun-makers. A student activist says that arming teachers is a bad and counterproductive idea, and warns against turning schools into jails, and suggests immigrants can contribute much to the gun debate, since many have experienced gun violence themselves.

Guests: Camila Duarte, Leader, United We Dream – Florida, Deerfield Beach, FL

Sessions Sues California on Sanctuary Policies. Attorney General Jeff Sessions went on the attack against California, filing a lawsuit in Sacramento in which he invokes the principle of federal supremacy over immigration in a move to undo California’s sanctuary state laws. The leader of the California senate, Kevin de Leon calls this legal offensive a “perverse” action and pledges to continue resisting the Trump administration.

Guest: Audio of Sen. Kevin de León, President Pro Tem, California State Senate, Sacramento, CA.

Texas Primaries and Trump Effect. Texas voters go to the primary polls in record numbers due in great part to the “Trump effect,” according to a political analyst. She says Trump’s attacks on immigrants, schools and the environment have angered Latinos and women and they showed up at the polls. Also, two Latinas who secured the Democratic nomination are now poised to make history in November as the first Latinas to represent Texas in Congress.

Guest: Lydia Camarillo, Vice President, Southwest Voter Registration and Education Project, San Antonio, TX.


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