Mueller Report. Also, The Latino Vote.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, APRIL 22
PROGRAM # 8590 12:00 PM PT

Mueller Report.

The Mueller report is out. Barr says it shows there was no Trump-Russia collusion. But it also shows that Trump is not exonerated on obstruction of justice and, while the Justice Department can’t prosecute the President, Congress can. And Congress continues the investigation and demands the full, unredacted report. Is impeachment on the table? Analysts examine the report.

Guests: (Audio Segments) William Barr, US Attorney General, Washington, DC.

The Latino Vote. What do Latino voters think about the presidential candidates and their campaign issues? Ahead of the 2020 primaries, Latino voters around the nation shared their feelings with a recognized polling agency. They also gave their views on the Mueller investigation on Trump and Russia and Trump’s declaration of a national emergency at the US-Mexico border. An analyst discusses the ramifications.

Guest: David Ayón, Latino Decisions, Los Angeles, CA.


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