Firestorms: The Evacuees. Also, Milk with Dignity. Also, Las Vegas: Racial Undertones.

Thursday 2_673x324THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12
PROGRAM # 8176 12:00 PM PT

Firestorms: The Evacuees.

More communities are being evacuated as wildfires continue raging in Northern California. Homeless, unemployed and uninsured, working families at evacuation centers face now an uncertain future. A reporter covering the disaster area tells their story. This programa also includes information about resources for the residents living in the high risk areas around the firestorms.

Guest: Farida Jhabvala Romero, Contributor, Radio Bilingüe, Reporter, KQED, San Francisco, CA.

Milk with Dignity. Organized dairy farmworkers and the Vermont-based ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s have signed a groundbreaking agreement to establish labor protections for the company’s suppliers in the state and create a way to enforce the plan. Under the agreement, the company will eventually source 100 percent of its dairy ingredients through this plan, called Milk with Dignity Program. Representatives from the company and the farmworker group talk about the deal.

Guests: Enrique Balcazar, Community Organizer, Migrant Justice, Burlington, VT,; Rob Michalak, Global Director of Social Mission, Ben & Jerry’s, Waterbury, VT

Las Vegas: Racial Undertones. After the massacre in Las Vegas, observers are pointing to the racial double standard in coverage of mass shootings. Stephen Paddock, the white perpetrator of the latest attack, has been humanized and portrayed as a “lone wolf,” while non white or Muslim shooters are usually depicted as “terrorists,” “thugs,” and a reflection of the ills of their entire community. A political analyst comments on this.

Guests: Alex Nogales, Executive Director, National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC), Los Angeles, CA.


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