Roadmap to the Elections.

Thursday_673x324 12THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10
PROGRAM # 9003 12:00 PM PT

Roadmap to the Elections.

Political analysts comment on top issues in battleground states for the presidential election. Voter registration is up in recent months but who is registering? A leading voter champion reports about record numbers of registration among young citizens and new efforts targeting Arizona and Florida. And as a new poll shows that most US citizens plan to vote early to avoid exposure to coronavirus, in a major shift from previous years, a top elections official explains how some state systems are preparing for the surge and discusses voting alternatives. On other story, New Mexico may elect an all-female, all women of color congressional delegation for the first time in its history. One of the candidates talks about her progressive agenda. Finally, an analyst discusses new revelations by Trump’s former confidant and attorney Michael Cohen, about Trump’s disparaging comments against Latinos, calling them “too stupid to vote for Trump.”

Guests: Dr. Frances Colón, State Voting Director, Florida For All, Miami, FL; Maria Teresa Kumar, President, CEO, Voto Latino, Washington, D.C.; Nellie Gorbea, Secretary of State, Rhode Island Department of State, Providence, RI; Teresa Leger Fernandez, candidate for Congress, Santa Fe, NM

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