Historic Early Voting.

Monday_673x324 12MONDAY, OCTOBER 19
PROGRAM #9048 12:00 PM PT

Historic Early Voting.

With two weeks to go to Nov 3rd, people throughout the nation are voting in big numbers and historic levels. This edition puts the spotlight on two hotspots of voting: Georgia, where a record of more than 1.5 million voters have already cast ballots after a week of early in-person voting, many having to stand in long lines for hours, especially in Black and Latino districts; and Arizona, where the issues of health care and education continue driving record numbers of voters to the polls in the first week of early voting. Also, a voting rights advocate reports on record numbers of Latinos registering to vote during the pandemic. More than twice than in the 2018 election. Why this extraordinary voter registration surge? And who are those voters who are turning out to vote? What does this early record turnout mean?

Guests: Gerardo Guzmán, News Director, Hispanic News Service, Atlanta, GA; Montserrat Arredondo, Executive Director, One Arizona, Phoenix, AZ; Dulce Rojas, Campaigns Coordinator, Voto Latino, New York, NY.

Photo: Atlanta Jewish Times/Facebook

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