State of Emergency in Georgia Over Protests. Also, Hot Issues Facing Cities.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, JANUARY 30
PROGRAM # 9900 12:00 PM PT

State of Emergency in Georgia Over Protests.

Georgia Gov. Kemp declared a state of emergency to quell violent protests in Atlanta against the construction of a police training facility and the killing by a SWAT team of Manuel “Tortuguita” Terán, an environmental activist. An advocate comments about the killing, the conflict at “CopCity,” and the crackdown on environmental activists.

Guest: Nancy Treviño, Associate Director, Alianza Américas, Boulder, CO.

Hot Issues Facing Cities. After convening in Washington for the US Conference of Mayors, two city mayors talk about the mass shootings that recently shook three cities in California. The Conference demanded answers about the banning of semiautomatic weapons and restrictions to the sale of assault weapons. The floods that recently damaged entire farm working towns in Central California and the efforts to clean up, recover and rebuild more resilient communities is another topic of conversation.

Guests: Matt Tuerk, Mayor, Allentown, PA; Michael Clauzel, Mayor, Patterson, CA.

Photo: Serve The People Akron via Facebook

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