Linda Sarsour: “Let’s Send a Message this November”

Linda Sarsour is a national civil rights leader, co-founder of the Women’s March and prominent advocate for Muslim-Americans, immigrants and communities of color in the U.S.  A proud Palestinian-American from Brooklyn, New York, she is the mother of three.

Sarsour was recently a keynote speaker at the Fight for All convening of The California Endowment, which gathered health and social justice activists from across California.

In the following interview with Radio Bilingue’s Maria Eraña, Linda Sarsour calls on people of color to work in broad coalitions and to send a strong statement by voting in large numbers this November.  She also stresses the need to embrace young organizers in the movement for social equity and to build on the cultural and political affinities between Latinos and Muslim-Americans.

This special feature is part of Radio Bilingüe’s 2018 elections coverage.

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