Presidential Election: Final Step. Also, Georgia Senate Election Results.

Wednesday_673x324(1)WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 6
PROGRAM # 9139 12:00 PM PST

Presidential Election: Final Step.

In a move seen as a political circus, a Republican U.S. Senator pledges to challenge the electoral vote count, when Congress convenes today for the Electoral College certification. A similar objection to the results will be raised in the House. Political experts contend the effort will only delay the process, and say it’s intended to serve as a symbolic move to show support for President Trump. Biden will still be certified as the winner of the election, but it will face a delay in the final step of the certification process. A journalist explains the Electoral College count and reports on the joint congressional session.

Guest: José López Zamorano, Reporter, Washington, DC.

Georgia Senate Election Results. Georgia became a battleground state in the presidential election for the first time in decades. The US Senate runoff will give an idea if Georgia reaffirms itself as a swing state. As the vote count continues, a correspondent reports on the preliminary results and political analysts provide perspective.

Guests: Gerardo Guzmán, News Director, Hispanic News Service, Atlanta, GA; Jerry González, Executive Director, Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials – GALEO, Atlanta, GA.


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