The Census and the Fight for New Political Maps. Also, California Gubernatorial Recall: Countdown.

Wednesday_673x324WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 18
PROGRAM # 9352 12:00 PM PDT

The Census and the Fight for New Political Maps.

The Census Bureau released the data that states will use to draw legislative maps to be used for the next decade. Latinos account for over half of the US population growth, rising to nearly one in five US residents. Can Latinos expect the new political maps to reflect the new demographic reality? Can Latinos overcome the imminent threat of being shortchanged in representation in many states? Political analysts comment on the legal battles around partisan gerrymandering and protecting the integrity of a fair process, and the start of the congressional redistricting fight.

Guests: Arturo Vargas, Executive Director, National Association of Latino Elected Officials, NALEO, Los Angeles, CA; Fulvia Vargas de León, Associate Counsel, LatinoJustice PRLDEF, New York, NY.

California Gubernatorial Recall: Countdown.

California voters are receiving this week the first ballots to vote on the state’s recall election on Sept. 14. What’s at stake? What’s the current outlook of this improbable campaign? What are the possible outcomes? Why are so many voters confused about the ballot? Latinos could play a decisive role, but will they go out to vote? A political commentator discusses those and other questions.

Guest:  Dr. José Luis Benavides, Professor of Journalism, Director of Spanish-Language Journalism Program, California State University, Northridge, Northdrige, CA.


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