Mexico Edition.

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PROGRAM # 7914 12:00 PM PT

Mexico Edition.

Professor Oscar Hernandez Neri is an activist who spent over 20 years building community schools in the slums of the state of Mexico. He also participated in a movement for the appropriation of federal lands, there, with tarps and boards they created rudimentary schools to teach for free. Due to the protests of children demanding education, the government was forced to legalize these rudimentary schools and give them a budget. With that strategy 120 schools were created in six states of the country, and to stop them, the government eventually penalized the creation of schools. Now, Professor Neri Hernandez, who opposes the education reform promoted by the Mexican government, is in prison, accused of a murder that took place almost ten years ago. He has been in prison two and a half years, and has received visits of the UN representative in Mexico and social organizations. His supporters hold a permanent camp just outside the prison. Also in this edition, a member of the Central Campesina Cardenista in Coahuila is denouncing that the government leaves the farmers without water while it grants concessions to foreign companies for drillings using the fracking method. Martha Elena Ramirez hosts this edition of Voz Pública from Mexico City.

Guests: (audio recordings) César Hernández Neri, brother of Oscar, the imprisoned teacher and spokesman for the dissident teachers in the State of Mexico; Ignacio Gallegos Lozano, teacher participant of the permanent camp set up in front of the prison: “Molino de Flores”, Texcoco, Mexico; Deyanira Gómez Muñoz activist of ejido Emiliano Zapata, Cd. Jimenez, Coahuila.


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