Extra Edition: Nevada’s Presidential Primary and Caucuses.

Tuesday_673x324 11amTUESDAY, FEBRUARY 6
PROGRAM # 10272 11:00 AM PT

Nevada’s Presidential Primary and Caucuses.

Nevada Democrats go to the polls for a primary election today in the first presidential contest in the West. The stakes are high. Presidential candidates have campaigned in the state in recent days. In this report from Las Vegas, voters share their feelings and election observers discuss how the election works, what’s on the ballot and the expected voter turnout. In another story, Mexican regional music stars come together in a coordinated campaign to reach voters in states with large Latino populations and low-propensity voters to educate Latinos on the voting process. A top organizer discusses the stakes.

Guests: Maria Nieto Orta, President, Young Democrats of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV; Esau Torres, Promoter of the Grita. Canta. Vota Campaign, Berkeley, CA.

Photo: Nevada Secretary of State via Facebook

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