Extra Edition: “Black Cuban, Black American.” (Program Repeat.)

Thursday_673x324 11amTHURSDAY, JANUARY 19
PROGRAM # 9890 11:00 AM PT

Extra Edition: “Black Cuban, Black American.” (Program Repeat.)

In this archival interview, Cuban-American writer and community activist Evelio Grillo talks about his life growing up in Tampa, FL, in the early 20th Century, experiencing discrimination for being Black, immigrant, poor and Spanish speaker. Grillo dedicated the last years of his life to build bridges between African-Americans and Latinos in Oakland, CA. This interview originally aired on MLK Day on Jan 19, 1998. This program includes a recent interview with Dr. Bernice King, daughter of MLK Jr, about her efforts to promote a “Beloved Community Mindset.”

Guest: Evelio Grillo, Writer, Social Worker, Author of the Book “Black Cuban, Black American: A Memoir,” Oakland, CA; Dr. Bernice King, CEO, The King Center, Atlanta, GA.

Photo: Library of Congress via Youtube

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