Freed After 25 Years on Death Row. Also, A Different War on Drugs?


PROGRAM # 8323 12:00 PM PT

Freed After 25 Years on Death Row.

The California Supreme Court overturned the conviction of Vicente Benavides, a Delano farmworker who spent 25 years on death row accused of sexually assaulting and murdering a toddler. The Court ruled that pervasive and false testimony was presented at Benavides trial and that the girl had never been sexually assaulted. Benavides was tried by a prosecutor who boasts about his tough-on-crime activism and has a record of misconduct complaints, in a county that leads the nation in rates of death sentences. This is a conversation with a leading legal representative for the exonerated man.

Guest: Cristina Bordé, former attorney for Vicente Benavides, Habeas Corpus Resource Center; Director of Wisconsin Latino Exoneration Program, Wisconsin Innocence Project, Madison, WI

A Different War on Drugs? While Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced earlier this year a tougher anti-drugs line, targeting recreational marijuana, a new approach on the issue seems to be emerging in Washington and conservative states, with more focus on treating the opioid epidemic and new bills on cannabis legalization.

Guest: Armando Gudiño, Policy Manager, Drug Policy Alliance, Los Angeles, CA.


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