Election Day. Hour 2.


PROGRAM # 8467 12:00 PM PT

Election Day. Hour 2.

As voters head to the polls or wait in line, correspondents file reports from key battleground states on the turnout and level of enthusiasm among voters. They also report on the last efforts to get out the vote, and potential problems at the polls. Analysts also review competitive races for state governor, House and Senate that could make history and comment on things to watch on the ballot, and resources available to help voters navigate the election system.

Guests: José López Zamorano, Correspondent, Washington, DC; Mariana Pineda, Correspondent, Houston, TX; Gabriel Villalobos, Contributor, Phoenix, AZ; Araceli Martínez, Contributor, Los Angeles, CA; Francisco Rios, News Director, KDNA, Granger, WA; Gerardo Guzmán, News Director, HNS, Radio La Jefa, Atlanta, GA. Others TBA.

Photo: aarp.org

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