Tax Day. Also, Washington News Roundup.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, APRIL 15
PROGRAM # 8585 12:00 PM PT

Tax Day.

A federal official talks about the big changes brought to Californians and taxpayers in other states by the new tax law, including the end or reduction of deductibles such as the state and local taxes and the mortgage interest, and the child tax credit. She also gives advice for last-minute tax filers, and warns about common tax scams and tax filing mistakes.

Guest: Irma Treviño, Communications and Liaison, Section 1, Internal Revenue Service, Harlingen, TX.

Washington News Roundup. A new political clash is looming in Washington as the Treasury Department refused to turn over President Trump’s tax returns to a House panel. On other news: Texas defies a congressional request for documents related to an attempted effort by high officials in Texas to purge supposed non-citizens from the voter rolls. Finally, the fight over Mueller’s report may reach new levels, as the report is expected to be released this week and Attorney General Barr is pushing back to “investigate the investigators.” These and other news are reported in this edition.

Guests: José López Zamorano, News Contributor, Washington, DC; Lydia Camarillo, President, Southwest Voter Registration Project, San Antonio, TX.


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