Of Primaries and Voter Purges.

Wednesday_673x324WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13
PROGRAM # 8358 12:00 PM PT

Of Primaries and Voter Purges.

On the day after the primaries in Nevada, Virginia and other states, a journalist comments on the election in Nevada, focusing on the gubernatorial races, the climate surrounding the battle for a US Senate seat, and the prospects for the Energy Choice Initiative, a proposed amendment requiring Nevada to create a competitive electric market and move to renewable energy. On other news, the US Supreme Court ruled this week in a case against Ohio, authorizing this state to continue its practice of removing from the voting rolls registered voters as soon as they miss one federal general election. A voting-rights advocate condemns the decision warns about the risks of voter suppression and calls on voters to be more vigilant.

Guests: Mario DelaRosa, Owner and Editor, Ahora Latino Journal, Reno, NV; Juliana S. Cabrales, Mid-Atlantic Director of Civic Engagement, NALEO Education Fund, Raleigh, NC.

Photo: prospect.org

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