Summit of the Americas and People’s Summit. Also, Election Results Highlights.

Wednesday_673x324WEDNESDAY, JUNE 8
PROGRAM # 9647 12:00 PM PT

Summit of the Americas and People’s Summit.

A coalition of grassroots groups are convening what they call “A People’s Summit” in Los Angeles, in an effort to contest the agenda of the heads of state meeting in downtown LA for the Summit of the Americas. With art performance and political forums, activists discuss migrant and labor rights, food sovereignty, and climate justice, among other issues. The leader of a US coalition for immigrants expects no diplomatic push back from regional leaders to the US agenda on immigration and urges the heads of state to address the growing social inequality, stem the trend towards authoritarian practices, and tackle climate change.

Guest: Oscar Chacón, Executive Director, Alianza Americas, Los Angeles, CA.

Uvalde Survivor Testifies Before Congress. A child who survived the Robb Elementary School massacre and grieving families from Uvalde testified at a House hearing on gun violence. They all demanded action from lawmakers to prevent mass shootings from repeating again.

Guests: Jose Lopez Zamorano, Reporter, Washington, DC; (Audio Segments) Miah Cerrillo, Survivor, 11 Years Old, Uvalde, TX; Kimberly Rubio, Mother of Lexi Rubio, Uvalde, TX; Dr. Roy Guerrero, Pediatrician at Uvalde Memorial Hospital, Uvalde, TX.

California Election Results. A reporter gives an overview on the primary election results in California. Highlights include the surprising advancement of a former Republican billionaire in the LA mayor race and the recall of a DA who championed criminal justice reform in progressive San Francisco. It includes news on some of the most contested congressional races.

Guest: Araceli Martínez, Political Reporter, Los Angeles, CA

Photo: People’s Summit via twitter

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