Democratic National Convention: Day 1.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, AUGUST 17
PROGRAM # 8977 12:00 PM PT

Democratic National Convention: Day 1.

Thousands of Democrats meet in Milwaukee for a virtual presidential nominating convention, in the first of four nights of speeches by leaders of diverse political views of the party. Rescheduled from July, the national gathering takes place after the coronavirus public health emergency forced the cancellation of hundreds of state and local conventions. In this program, a national pollster shares findings of a survey tracking Latinos preferences for presidential candidates, interest for voting by mail, and opinions about the response to the pandemic. Guest analysts also comment on the profile of the Latino voter in Wisconsin, battleground state chosen for the convention, the list of Latina speakers, the absence of Julian Castro and the move of the convention to the political center, the efforts to have a stronger stance on the climate crisis, and the challenges of motivating the disaffected followers of progressive candidate Bernie Sanders.

Guests: Vanessa Cárdenas, Democratic Strategist, Washington, DC; Lydia Camarillo, Executive Director, Southwest Voter Registration Project, San Antonio, TX; Dr. Miguel Tinker Salas, Professor of History, Pomona College, Los Angeles, CA; Albert Morales, Senior Political Director, Latino Decisions, Washington, DC: (Recorded and Translated Segments) Joe Biden, Presumptive Presidential Democratic Nominee; Kamala Harris, Presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee.

Photo: Democratic National Convention/Facebook

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