The Government Shutdown and Reopening. Also, Women’s March.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, JANUARY 22
PROGRAM # 8248 12:00 PM PT

The Government Shutdown and Reopening.

Washington plunged into a new political crisis, as the federal government shutdown for three days after Republicans failed to get the votes for a federal spending plan. The Senate voted today to reopen the government for three weeks, after leaders reached a deal to work on DACA. On the agenda of the polarized debates are a bill to solve the DACA crisis, health care for millions of children, funding for disaster relief, and military spending.

Guest: Dr. Lisa García-Bedolla, Professor, Education and Political Science, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA.

Women’s March. In the one-year anniversary of the march of women on Washington, hundreds of thousands of people recreated the historic gathering in cities around the nation. The kickoff event in Las Vegas, in a key battleground state in the battle for the Senate, is placing sexual assault as a front-burner issue for Capitol Hill.

Guests: Emiliana Güereca, Co-Founder , Women’s March Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA; (audio segments) Crisantema, Vicky, Tatiana, Martha, Enrique, Demonstrators, Women’s March, Oakland, CA.


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