Changing of the Guard at the UFW.

Wednesday_673x324WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 5
PROGRAM # 8492 12:00 PM PT

Changing of the Guard at the UFW.

Teresa Romero was elected to succeed Arturo Rodriguez as president of the United Farm Workers, becoming the first Latina and first immigrant in leading a national labor union in the US. In this special Labor Day edition, the outgoing and the incoming leaders talk about the state of the farmworkers union, it’s achievements, the critical issues, and the efforts to revitalize the farm labor movement. They also talk about the challenges ahead, including labor laws, court decisions, mass raids in the fields, the failure of Congress to pass immigration reform, and other attacks from the Trump administration. This program, originally aired on Labor Day, is a repeat.

Guests: Arturo Rodriguez, Outgoing National President, UFW, Madera, CA; Teresa Romero, Elected President, UFW, Madera, CA.


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