California: Key Contests. Also, Oregon: Contests to Watch.

Monday_673x324 11amMONDAY, NOVEMBER 7
PROGRAM # 9813 11:00 AM PT

California: Key Contests.

California is the site of some of the most contested battlegrounds in the fight for the US House. What are the races to watch? This segment includes a report on the tight race for LA Mayor and a state proposition to establish the constitutional right to an abortion and contraception. Also, some of the most contested races for the state legislature, headlined by Latinas, are in the purple Central Valley. This segment includes a report on controversial Measure C, a measure to fund local roads and streets and faces questions about equity.

Guests: Rubén Tapia, News Producer/Reporter, Radio Bilingüe, Los Angeles, CA; Juan Esparza, Editor, Vida en el Valle, Central Valley News Collaborative, Fresno, CA.

Oregon: Contests to Watch. In Oregon, a left-leaning state, Republicans are mounting a big challenge in the race for governor and key congressional races, including two where Latino voters could send the first Latina to Congress. Oregon has a ballot measure to watch: it’s a permit-to-purchase gun law, one of the strictest in the nation.

Guest: Arturo Sarmiento, Station Manager, KTUP – Radio Poder, Salem, OR.


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