Budget Deal.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, FEBRUARY 12
PROGRAM # 8263 12:00 PM PT

Budget Deal.

After intense debate and objections from hard-line conservatives and progressive Democrats, Congress passed and President Trump signed a major budget deal into law. What’s in the plan? Also, in exchange for this deal, the Republican leader of the Senate is expected to allow senators to debate various immigration proposals and the debate begins today, while Democrats continue demanding the leader of the House to get a floor vote on immigration. What’s the future about the DACA crisis? Analysts also comment on the Democratic counter to Nunes memo on the FBI probe about Russia and the Trump campaign. They also comment on the budget plan announced today by the White House.

Guests: José López Zamorano, Correspondent, Radio Bilingüe, Washington, DC; Juan Hernández, Conservative Analyst, Adviser to Republican Presidential Campaigns, Fort Worth, TX; Clarissa Martínez de Castro, Deputy Vice President, Office of Research, Advocacy, and Legislation, Unidos US, Washington, DC.

Photo: crimeshop.org

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