Amanda Rentería.

wednesday3_673x324With three months left to go for Election Day, the battle for seats in the House is in full swing. As part of a special election series, this program features an interview with Amanda Rentería, a Harvard-educated native of California’s Central Valley who is returning home to challenge incumbent David Valadao (R-CA) in a heavily Latino district. Rentería was the first Latina chief of staff in the history of the Senate. In this interview, Rentería addresses hot topics, including immigration reform, the Affordable Care Act, minimum wage, and access to higher education. Also, an expert comments about the importance of voting and how the Latino community needs to elect candidates which will have their best interests.

Guest: Amanda Rentería, Democratic Candidate for U.S. Representative from 21st District in California, Fresno, CA, ; Elisa M. Sequeira, California Director of Civic Engagement, National Association of Latino Elected and Designated Officials-NALEO, Los Angeles, CA,

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