Alabama: The Emerging Latino Vote.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19
PROGRAM # 7883 12:00 PM PST.

Alabama: The Emerging Latino Vote.

Five years ago, Alabama experienced the most draconian anti-immigration law in the nation, causing immigrant families to panic. Still, Latino immigrants stayed and now many of their citizen children will cast their ballot for the first time in an election marred by similar nativist and inflammatory rhetoric, and a state known for controversial voting laws. Would Alabamian Latino voters head to the polls on Election Day? What are the challenges they face? This is a simulcast with the two stations of La Jefa Radio, in Birmingham.

Guests: Victor Spezzini, Central Alabama Civic Engagement Organizer with Alabama VOTA, Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice, Pelham, AL; Lucia Hermo, Public Advocacy Director, ACLU of Alabama, Montgomery, AL


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