Child’s death sparks outrage.


In Santa Rosa, California, a sheriff’s deputy shot a boy seven times after confusing a toy rifle the child was carrying for a real weapon. Thirteen-year old Andy Lopez died at the scene. Hundreds of protesters have called for the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office to bring the deputy to justice. Meanwhile, the incident remains under investigation by the FBI and Lopez’s parents filed a federal lawsuit this week seeking for an “honest” investigation of the killing.

Guest: Isabel Gutiérrez, Producer and Co-host, Hecho en California 1010 AM, San Francisco, CA; Terri Carrión, spokesperson for the Lopez’s family and organizer, Guerneville, CA; Laura González, Member, Santa Rosa School Board, Santa Rosa, CA; Alicia Sánchez, President, Board of Directors at KBBF 89.1, Santa Rosa, CA,


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