Historic Race for Mexico’s Presidency.

Wednesday_673x324WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24
PROGRAM # 8250 12:00 PM PT

Historic Race for Mexico’s Presidency.

A top representative of a broad coalition of indigenous peoples in Mexico tours the US speaking about pressing issues of indigenous communities, including the years-long fight of the Yaqui tribe in Northern Mexico for the right to the Yaqui River, their ancestral and vital source of water. He is also gathering the million signatures needed for the independent nomination of María de Jesús Patricio, Marichuy, the first indigenous woman who runs for president of Mexico.

Guest: Mario Luna Romero, Spokesperson, Traditional Authorities of the Yaqui Tribe in Sonora; Coordinator of International Affairs for Mexico’s Indigenous Governing Council-Indigenous National Congress, San Francisco, CA.

Photo: Samuel Orozco

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