Mexico Edition.


Without any penalties to the mining company Buenavista del Cobre, for the contamination of two rivers, the environmental emergency was lifted in Sonora and using public funds, the cleaning of tributaries which serves about 22-thoundand people and seven municipalities begins. In this edition, the execution of Rocio Mesino Mesino is narrated. She was the director of Organización Campesina de la Sierra del Sur, who was executed while she was helping out in a dining room in the Mexcaltepec, Guerrero; an area where Hurricane “Manuel” destroyed five bridges and several roads in 2013. Mesino Mesino was encouraging locals to create a Community Police in Atoyac de Alvarez; she was shot in the back. A protest and a hunger strike in Mexico City it’s expected to take place demanding justice. This edition is broadcast from Mexico City and hosted by Martha Elena Ramirez.

Guests: (Pre-recorded) Norma Mesino, Mesino, Member of Organización Campesina de la Sierra del Sur, Atoyac de Alvarez, Guerrero. (Audio) David Silva Guzman, Airline Worker, Mexicana de Aviación.

Photo: PRODESC AC via facebook

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