Mexico Edition.

friday_673x324In the middle of the discussion of the energy reform and with arguments of future protection for the retiring pensions of oil workers and electricians, Congress Representatives from the political parties of PRI, PAN, PVE and Panal, approved to convert the one trillion, six-hundred billion pesos into public debt. However, workers and retired personnel from this sector rejected the sum, because the total amount of the pensions only adds up to 53 billion pesos. In the other hand, an opposing Representative noted that such measure was only devise to cover up the looting and diversion of funds that had been going on for years under the PRI and PAN governments.
Guests: Manuel Rafael Huerta Ladrón de Guevara, Representative, Labor Party (PT), Mexico City, ; (Audio Fragments) Senators: Fernando Enrique Mayans Canabal (PRD); Dolores Padierna (PRD).

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