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Senators of political parties Revolucionario Institucional, Acción Nacional and Verde Ecologista, approve laws which allow the privatization of the Mexican energy sector. With this action, two major state-run industries, Petróleos Mexicanos and Comisión Federal de Electricidad, could be subdivided and sold. Two government commissions will be empowered to grant permissions and unlimited concessions to foreign companies, allowing them to extract petroleum, gas, minerals, water and even install power lines. The land that is used for agriculture, livestock, housing or considered natural reserve, can all be intended for energy exploitation, since it has priority over anything else. This edition is hosted by Martha Elena Ramirez and is broadcast from Mexico City.

Guests: (Audio Speech Fragments) Senators: Dolores Padierna Luna (PRD); Manuel Bartlet Diaz (PT); Fernando Enrique Mayans Canabal (PRD); Marcela Guerra Castillo (PRI), Mexico City.

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