Mexico Edition.

Friday_673x324FRIDAY, JUNE 2
PROGRAM # 10025 12:00 PM PT

Mexico Edition.

Two days before heated gubernatorial elections in the State of Mexico and Coahuila, thousands of Mexicans living abroad are in their last hours to vote. They can still cast their vote online, and, for the first time, emigre voters can cast their ballots in person in some Mexican consulates, including Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago. In other news, a leader of the Cananea striking mine workers union calls for the mediation of President López Obrador mediation in their years-long conflict with the powerful Grupo México. He says the company has to be investigated over serious labor and environmental violations, and urges the restitution of health benefits for striking workers and warns about civil disobedience actions in upcoming hours.

Guests: Karina Vaquera, Councilmember, Electoral Institute of the State of Mexico, Mexico City; Antonio Navarrete, Spokesperson, Section 65, National Mine Workers Union, Cananea, MX.

Photo: Voto Mexicano via Facebook

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