Mexico Edition.

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Mexico Edition.

In an attempt to fight inflation, the López Obrador administration insists on the need to move towards self-consumption and support for ejido production and small farming. To that end, it plans to triple the production of fertilizers and their free distribution among growers of priority crops, including corn, beans and rice. A representative of small corn farmers welcomes the initiative, while encouraging farmers to move towards economic autonomy. Also, the national leader of small merchants says that in the weeks of federal combat against inflation, little has been achieved to mitigate the rise in the prices of essential products, since inflation is a global phenomenon and “it is the economic bill of the pandemic”, which has forced the poorest working families to reduce grocery buys. Finally, feminists from Mexico offer direct support services to women from the United States who cross the border to the south in search of safe abortion services now that the US Supreme Court has ruled against Roe v. Wade, noting that after the recent Texas anti-abortion law there was an uptick in Texan women requesting reproductive services in neighboring Chihuahua.

Guests: Cuauhtémoc Rivera, President, Alianza Nacional de Pequeños Comerciantes, Mexico City; Pánfilo Hernández, Coordinator, Grupo Vicente Guerrero, Comunidad Vicente Guerrero, Tlaxcala, MX; Salma Silva, Companion for Vulnerable Women, Marea Verde Chihuahua, Founder, Salud Feminista, Chihuahua, MX.

Photo: Gobierno CDMX via Twitter

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