Mexico Edition.

Friday_673x324FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 10
PROGRAM # 9384 12:00 PM PDT

Mexico Edition.

Mexican President Lopez Obrador dedicated the culminating part of his highly anticipated Independence Day speech to praise Cuba’s long-lasting resistance to defend their people’s self-determination against foreign powers. With Cuba’s President Diaz-Canelo as a special guest, he called on President Biden to lift the US blockade against Cuba and, on the eve of an important gathering of Latin American heads of state, he urged the Organization of American States to change, to be reformed, so that it becomes a “truly autonomous organization, not anybody’s lackey.” In this program, leaders of a Mexican group that promotes Mexican ties with Cuba welcomed the high-profile visit of Cuba’s president, highlighted the significant presence of Cuban immigrants in Mexico, discussed the meaning of Lopez Obrador speech on Cuba and the OAS, and urged the US administration to show on an opening with Cuba the same political will that is being announced to help Central American countries to address the root causes that push thousands to migrate North.

Guests: (Audio Fragments) Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, President of Mexico, Mexico City; (Audio Fragment) Miguel Diaz Canelo, President of Cuba, Mexico City; Maria de la Paz Quintanilla and Juan Aguado Franco, Members, Board of Directors, Movimiento Mexicano de Solidaridad con Cuba, Monterrey, MX.

Photo: Solo Acapulco/Facebook

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