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Host Martha Elena Ramírez gives an analysis in the bankruptcy case of Mexico’s oldest airlines, “Mexicana de Aviación.” The judge on the case has officially declared the airline bankrupt; several parties, among them the ex-workers of the company are troubled with the decision. The ruling comes after four years of long legal battles and proposed plans to rescue the company. During this time, about thirty different financial groups had tried to acquire Mexicana de Aviación, but all fell short to guarantee a payment of 350 million dollars. The sum would have been used as severance pay for the nearly eight-thousand and five hundred workers, as well as to pay debts, taxes and maintenance services to the airline. The company’s share holders, whom some believed are responsible for the economic hardships that led to the bankruptcy, did not received any sanction by the courts. Some of Mexicana de Aviación’s former workers blame the Mexican government for this ruling. The workers alleged the government gave other airlines the rights to Mexicana’s runways and confiscated a maintenance base worth about 140 million dollars, all done before the ruling was given. In this edition, the death of Nobel Prize winning author, Gabriel García Márquez is discussed. This edition is broadcast from Mexico City.

Guest: Fausto Guerrero Díaz, President of “Asociación de Jubilados, Trabajadores y Ex trabajadores de la Aviación Mexicana, A.C., Mexico D.F. (pre-recorded)


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