Mexico Edition.


Confined in a maximum security prison in Tepic, in Western Mexico, is Nestora Salgado García, a U.S. born Mexican who as coordinator of a community police group in Olinalá, Guerrero, was charged with kidnapping, after retaining six people in the local House of Justice. Salgado’s relatives say her detention is political, since she condemned the collusion of local authorities with organized crime. They have also complained to the National Human Rights Commission and the U.S. Embassy that prison authorities have denied Salgado painkilling medication, she is only allowed to leave the cell one hour a week and is not allowed to talk to fellow inmates. This edition includes the dramatic story of Noemí, an eight-year-old child who was sexually abused by her smuggler, rescued, and then found victim of alleged suicide.

Guest: Cleotilde Salgado, Sister of prisoner Nestora Salgado, Olinalá, Guerrero.


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