Mexico Edition.

Friday_673x324FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 22
PROGRAM # 8744 12:00 PM PT

Mexico Edition.

Although in Mexico the constitution was modified to create a new police force called the National Guard, a body that has federal oversight, military training and investigative powers, in fact, it is the members of the Mexican Army and Navy who continue to fight drug trafficking. That’s according to retired general Francisco Gallardo, who explained that the failed operation in Culiacán was due to the lack of operational experience of the commanders, as a mission of this type is prepared days in advance and in coordination with the entire hierarchy of military command. He explained that unlike the graduates of the Military College, who are tactical and have experience in the command of troops, the so-called “Presidential Guard Graduates” have been trained through specialization courses and it was the latter sector that carried out the operation in Sinaloa. At the top of this edition, the host gives news on the repression and the possible causes of the coup d’etat in Bolivia. Martha Elena Ramírez, hosts this program, from Mexico City.

Guest: José Francisco Gallardo Rodríguez, retired general, political prisoner for nine years, Mexico City; (audio segments) repressed protesters in La Paz, Bolivia.

Photo: Turismo Ciudad de México/Facebook

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