Mexico Edition.

Friday_673x324FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 8
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Mexico Edition.

Considering the challenges to the current security policy, even launched by a Mexican general in retirement and in the context of the massacre of nine members of the LeBarón family, it seems that President López Obrador is under pressure by interest groups to resume the failed war against drug trafficking, according to the internationalist John Saxe Fernández. The academic researcher, who cited data on the multi-million profits that the Colombia Plan left to the US war industry, added that Mexico’s refusal to continue with the so-called Merida Initiative, which involved the exchange of information, joint operations and militarization of the Mexican territory, affected American military-complex business, which in addition to selling weapons and equipment also provided military services. This assessment was involuntarily reinforced by President Donald Trump, who, after the deadly attack on the LeBarón family, said that it is time for Mexico to wage a war against organized crime with US backing. The offer was rejected by President Obrador and also by Mexicans who live in the US. In addition, in another topic, experts from the United States public education system offer a panorama on the bilingual instruction that thousands of children receive in the US. Martha Elena Ramírez hosts this Voz Pública broadcast from Mexico City.

Guests: (audio segments) Dr. Elia Dimayuga Bruggeman, former Undersecretary of Education in Minnesota, current Superintendent of the Office of Public Education in Boston, MA; Verónica Asura, State Directorate of the Division of Support for English Learners in California; Dr. María del Carmen Salvatori Bronca, Executive Director of Accreditation, Incorporation and Revalidation of the Ministry of Public Education of Mexico.

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