Mexico Edition.

Friday_673x324FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10
PROGRAM # 8197 12:00 PM PT

Mexico Edition.

Almost a year after the failed attempt of eviction against the inhabitants of the town of Salaverna, in Zacatecas, the mining company called Frisco Tayahua, owned by the Mexican businessman Carlos Slim, has not been able to prove in the agrarian courts that it is the legitimate owner of the land where it intends to operate the second open pit mine in the country. According to the lawyer of those affected, the inhabitants of Salaverna, Las Majadas, and Santa Olaya are the legitimate owners of the nearly 5,000 hectares that are in dispute, since they have lived there since the 16th century. Also in this edition, a report of the protests and blockades of roadways that specialized workers of Petróleos Mexicanos carry out due to the company’s refusal to sign a collective labor agreement. Martha Elena Ramírez hosts this broadcast of the Voz Pública program, from Mexico City.

Guests: (audio cuts) Efraín Arteaga Domínguez, lawyer of the National Union of Agricultural Workers, in Zacatecas; León Chávez Texeiro, singer-songwriter and the band Los Prófugos del Manicomio; Ing. María Elena Miranda, Pemex worker at the refinery of Minatitlán, Veracruz.


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