Mexico Edition.

Friday_673x324FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20
PROGRAM # 8182 12:00 PM PT

Mexico Edition.

A new front of unrest arises in Mexico City. It is formed by the victims of the earthquake, those left homeless, those who reject credits, and by those who ask for clear accounts regarding the funds that came from abroad to help reconstruction and the victims. They live in shelters, take to the streets, convene public meetings and loudly express their crisis. In addition, in this edition, we have some information about a group of foreign scientists who travel to Oaxaca to assess the increase of earthquakes in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, they speculate that the birth of a new volcano could occur. On the other hand, the activists Nestora Salgado, Jose Manuel Mireles and Rubén Sarabia, denounce judicial persecution. All three were awarded the Carlos Montemayor National Award, which is given to social leaders. Only the commander of Guerrero’s community police, Nestora Salgado García, attended the ceremony since Dr. Mireles is facing a judicial process and Rubén Sarabia is on house arrest. Martha Elena Ramírez hosts this broadcast of the Voz Pública program, from Mexico City.

Guests: (audio recordings) Juan Colorado, Popular Housing; Women from Iztapalapa; Gabriela Urbina, Centro Histórico; Feliciano Carrasco, singer-songwriter from Juchitán, director of Macario Matus Cultural Center; José Manuel Mireles Valverde, leader of the movement of autodefensas of Michoacán; Nestora Salgado, commander of the community police in Olinalá; Rita Amador López and Tonatiuh Sarabia, leaders of the Popular Union of Street Vendors October 28.


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