Mexico Edition.

Friday_673x324FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6
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Mexico Edition.

With despair and sadness, the efforts to rescue trapped people in the collapsed buildings of the capital have concluded. None of the 49 bodies recovered from Friday, September 22 until October 4, was taken alive. The Federal government announced that a sum of money equal to 120,000 Mexican pesos will be delivered as an aid to those who lost their home. The money will be delivered through a bank card, both in the city and in other affected states. The government’s response to address the hundreds of affected buildings is to provide credit, but no one talks about investigating the causes for the collapse of the buildings. The loans for housing will provide two million pesos, and in the case of damaged buildings, it will be up to 20 million pesos. There will also be loans to cover the costs of buildings demolitions.

In this edition, we also remember the repression of students in 1968, and we will talk about the Victims Committee of Nochixtlán, Oaxaca, whose members have presented themselves before the federal prosecutor’s office to give their testimony on the events that, in June 2016, left a total of eight people dead, 85 wounded with gunshots, and 11 orphaned children. Martha Elena Ramírez hosts this broadcast of the Voz Pública program, from Mexico City.

Guests: (recordings) Relatives of people trapped in the building of Álvaro Obregón Avenue : Araceli and Alicia Estrada García, aunts of Martín Estrada Zárate: Silvia Filomeno Manuel, family member of Noemí Manuel García; Adolfo Antonio Carbajal, volunteer specialist in industrial electricity; Alejandro Vera, rector of the Autonomous University of Morelos (Universidad Autónoma de Morelos) ; Santiago Ambrosio, president of the Committee of Victims and Elvia Rosa Cruz, wife of Yalid Jiménez Santiago, who was killed with four bullets in Asunción Nochixtlán, Oaxaca.

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