Mexico Edition.

Friday_673x324FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29
PROGRAM # 8167 12:00 PM PT

Mexico Edition.

Ten days after the earthquake in Mexico City, the hope of finding people alive has ceased. After the emergency, the irritation of the victims grows and so does the pain of the people who still have relatives trapped in collapsed buildings. In the housing unit called Tlalpan, where one of the buildings collapsed, families continue to sleep in temporary shelters and the city government does not report whether the five-level towers are safe. Moreover, in a collapsed building, 20 bodies are still missing and in a collapsed maquiladora (a factory of clothes) 10 workers are reported missing. The federal government calculates losses for 38 billion pesos, while the local government reported that the database of the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing is disabled, so it is not possible to know who failed to monitor the standards for the security of buildings. Martha Elena Ramírez hosts this broadcast of the Voz Pública program, from Mexico City.

Guests: (recordings) Relatives of people trapped in the building located in Álvaro Obregón Ave.; Carmen Fernández, aunt of Iván Colín Fernández; Humberto Morgan, local government official; Mayté Romero, family member; Lucrecia Manuel Genaro, aunt of Noemí Manuel García, of 21 years old; Armando Estrada García, Martín Estrada Zárate’s uncle, of 29 years old. Victims of the Tlalpan Housing Unit: Carlos Sánchez, building 2-C; Alin Badilla Pérez de Lara; Luis Fernando Gómez, building 4-A; Sergio Ortiz; Ivette Montero, lawyer of the Mexican Center, Pro Bono; Claus, of the Claum brigade, Mexico City.


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