Mexico’s Human Rights Crisis: A Repeat.

Thursday_673x324This is a repeat of the second hour of a community forum aired from San Francisco to discuss testimonials of violence and impunity in Mexico, and the share of responsibility of the US for Mexico drug bloodshed. Mexican poet Homero Aridjis and a group of Latino intellectuals dialogue with local community leaders and Mexican migrants impacted by violence.

Guests: Homero Aridjis, Mexican poet and activist; Ismael Chamú, UC Berkeley Students Committee; Mexican Consul Andrés Roemer; Group of MacArthur Fellows: Rubén Martínez, Owner, Martinez Books and Arts Gallery, Santa Ana, CA; Natalia Almada, Filmmaker, San Francisco, CA; Baldemar Velázquez, Founding Director, Farm Labor Organizing Committee, Toledo, OH; Hugo Morales, Executive Director, Radio Bilingüe; Members of the audience: Francisco Herrera, Artist; Miguel Robles, Activist; Patricia Moreno, Comité por la Justicia Social en México, Santa Rosa; Jorge Bustamante, KPOO, San Francisco; and Five Additional Speakers.

Photo: Eneas De Troya/Flickr

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