Emergency Response to Heat Wave. Also, Urban Heat Watch.

Wednesday_673x324WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14
PROGRAM # 9745 12:00 PM PT

Emergency Response to Heat Wave.

California is being hit by a record-breaking heat wave and dangerous wildfires. Los Angeles, a city with too much asphalt and too few trees, is the most vulnerable to extreme heat. What is Los Angeles’ recently appointed heat officer doing to respond to the deadly threat of the heat wave? What is she doing to help protect vulnerable populations from heat illness and death?

Guest: Marta Segura, Chief Heat Officer, Los Angeles, CA.

Urban Heat Watch. San Francisco is launching the Urban Heat Watch initiative, a national project to map heat in the community to identify “urban heat islands,” those areas that are hardest hit on a hot day. Public health and climate experts, and community activists will use the information gathered through vehicle sensors to support the most impacted neighborhoods.

Guest: Cecilia Mejía, Program Coordinator, Brightline Defense, San Francisco, CA.

Photo: CDC via Facebook

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